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I wish someone knew.....I wish I had an answer....I am loving the watering down of the brand.
watering down the brand? this is happening across the board, everyone is trying to grow, Audi, Mercedes, even Porsche! 15 years ago no one would have thought Porsche would have a SUV, huge 4 door sedan, and mini 911s (cayman and boxster) plus plans for another smaller SUV and maybe a smaller Panamera.

Audi puts its S Line on everything and the S engines are CRAP, which barely keep up with standard BMW engines, and their RS lines are way overpriced.

Mercedes puts out an AMG version of almost every single car they make, when that is totally uncalled for and defeates the original purpose of AMG (G Wagon, really?)

BMW is just following so they can continue to compete. BMW makes money on everything they do, if they don't they stop doing it (Z4 Coupe), so you may see it as watering down, but they are just trying to stay with their competition, they don't want to lose customers because they don't have that one niche segment so they go for it all.

What car company isn't watered down? other than the mega expensive ones?
I agree 100 percent.
Even freaking Ferrari is "watered down".

Look how many versions of " cheerios" are made. Look how many Scents shampoo come in? How many Mountain Dew varieties there are. How many flavors of pringles chips, Doritos? Sandwiches at McDonalds? How about your favorite beer company?

Consumers today want variety. PERIOD.
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