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[QUOTEZ=Jason;9205729]Attachment 500563We're excited to bring you the first spy photos of the 3-series Gran Turismo (GT) which will be released with the next generation of 3-series vehicles. With a sleek fastback trunkline and frameless windows, the 3-series GT looks to be much lower and sleeker in shape than the 5-series GT and appears to be generally sportier in nature. The 3-series GT will offer a simple hatch function rather than the twin trunk arrangement on the 5er GT. Spotted here is a 6 cylinder turbo version (335i or 335d).

Don't expect the production trunk shape to necessarily look like this. Heavy camouflage still covers the the entire rear end of the prototype, as well as the entire car.

Some previous insight by Scott26: BMW intend to offer both turbocharged Petrol and Diesel Four and Six Cylinders and a Hybrid variant with the 3-series GT as well as xDrive. The customer can specify a 3 series GT 20d xDrive aswell as a 3 series GT 35i xDrive. The apperance of the 3 series GT will follow the 5 series GT and be totally independent from the 3 series as the 5 series GT declares it's independence from the 5er but inherits a bloodline shared between the two.

Follow our F30-F34 coverage as we move ever closer to their release -

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Some previous renders to compare with: