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It's a fascinating backlash at what would seem to be something that benefits BMW consumers...choice.

If BMW has the resources to manage all these models, that is great. And due to the modular nature of modern car platforms, the engineering requirements for new models are less, whilst still avoiding a "different badge for the same platform" nonsense...GM and VW/Audi probably being the bigger offenders. But in fairness, coming from an A3 and TT, I do feel those cars are distinct from what a Golf offers, which especially in the A3, is not an easy trick to pull off. But, to me, it is different enough in the looks and feel to be considered a different car.

I hope that managers at BMW have given some thought to the Toyota debacle...its growth at all costs approach stretched its engineering and management resources too thin and created a brand damaging/customer relationships nightmare....even if the problem largely comes down to American drivers getting confused by the brake and accelerator pedals! (Audi knows a little about how this can hurt sales.)

Niche products are the upshot of leaner supply chains and more flexible manufacturing processes. My next BMW will be a custom ordered car specced to my tastes and I want it in 2 months...not the car sitting on a dock somewhere that customer research indicates X percentage of buyers will settle for. I hope BMW can deliver THAT!