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I can't believe some of you guys are comparing Hyundais to BMW. Hyundai is not a luxury car automaker. They can put leather in their cars but that does not make them a luxury car maker. I don't think Hyundai should be thinking about trying to compete with BMW, they need to be worrying more about overtaking Honda and Toyota. If you think Hyundais are so great then sell your bimmer and go buy a Hyundai. Go ahead. I dare you. And if you're happy with it then good for you. If you think you have more fun driving a Hyundai than a BMW then that's your choice.

Hyundais have years to go to build up their reputation to even be on the level as Honda Toyota. It's taken decades for Honda and Toyota to build their image, and once they succeeded then they were able to churn out reliable luxury cars, Acura and Lexus. If Hyundai wants to compete, they'll have to get in the same sentence as H and T, then when they're no longer a laughingstock, yes that's right they are a laughingstock, then they can think about competing with luxury cars. But they'll have to start a new brand.