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Originally Posted by applebook View Post
The Toyota/Lexus comparisons that some of you bring up are inapplicable to Hyundai because Toyota has a long history of competitive racing and development and did so before Lexus was formed. What has Hyundai done in motorsport? Sure, they can copy all of the electronics and the general layout of a BMW or a Lexus, but at the end of the day, when it's time to turn and drive that Genesis,

The Samsung/LG comparison is also invalid because for many years, Japanese electronics brands have relied on Taiwanese, Korean, and other Asian nations for manufacturing. This is why Samsung owns almost every single part of an iPhone. Since when has German carmakers depended on Korean plants? In any event, Samsung phones and other electronics are still poorly built and engineered compared to better Sony, Apple, etc. products. Samsung has been outstanding for specs, but when it comes to quality and usability, I'd say that overall, there is much to be desired.

That being said, many Hyundais are very decent cars for what they do, but just like Lexus - yes, even Lexus - the onus is on them to prove that they can touch the BMW 3-series for handling/feel. Only Infiniti has truly managed to change the game for BMW, and this is in large part thanks to Nissan R&D over the 90s. It's too bad for Nissan/Infiniti that their marketing is crap because the G35 should have sold far, far, far better than it did.
I agree with most of what u said.
But infiniti? seriously?
I have owned G35 and it was really crap.
I loved it for first 2 years but it really isn't that good after the third year and so on. It began to have lots of mechanical problem.
Just look at GTR. It has lots of mechanical issues rite now, and it costs ur hands and legs.
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