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Originally Posted by taYab View Post
I agree with most of what u said.
But infiniti? seriously?
I have owned G35 and it was really crap.
I loved it for first 2 years but it really isn't that good after the third year and so on. It began to have lots of mechanical problem.
Just look at GTR. It has lots of mechanical issues rite now, and it costs ur hands and legs.
I never said that the G is on the same level of reliability as Lexus, or that it is overall as good as the 3-series --only that for the first time, BMW had to take notice that another manufacturer has produced an exceptionally well equipped challenger to the 3 that is both powerful and handles really well.

BTW, my mechanic persuaded me not to get a used G35 due to reliability and cost of maintenance. Before settling on my 328, I was dead set on 300 Infiniti horses.