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Definitely a few good points (and some dumb ones) in this thread, so screw it, I'll chime in, in case someone at BMW is listening.

0.) iPod hookup standard. There is no reason to not have this. The optional connector is nice, but $400!?! What is that, about a 2000% markup? More?
1.) Optional ventilated seats. In Houston, this would be a godsend. Do this.
2.) An optional HUD would be amazing.
3.) BMW Performance parts as factory options? Do you have ANY IDEA how many upgraded parts you could be selling? SSKs, exhausts, etc..
4.) See #3 again. Why is there ONE choice of upgraded 19" wheel for my 335i m-sport. You guys make about 10. I would have killed for 269s or 313s on my new car. Come on.
5.) Stop subsidizing automatic transmissions in the sticker price. That's bullshit. 6MT owners get to pay a $1000 premium and get NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING in return. That is an absolutely terrible practice.
6.) Stop linking together upgraded HK sound option with the premium package. Lots of people want upgraded speakers, and it does NOT require $2500 of mostly useless options.
7.) Hard plastics need improvement. The "chrome" trim goes to crap after a year. I'm sure you guys are on top of this one.

The 3-series is a fantastic car, and the leader of the class. However, BMW is making some decisions for greed, and some that pander to the mass market.. someone needs to put a leash on the beancounters over there before they ruin the brand.
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