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Originally Posted by tomz17 View Post
The control stalk cruise control is way more intuitive than any button system I've ever used. AFAIK, button systems also universally require some form of safety. E.g. on my old car, you had to arm the system with one button, then set it with another button before cruise would engage. There was a mandatory delay of at least one second between both button pushes to prevent accidental activation.
That's what I thought when I had my E92, but I will confess to having very occasionally confused it with the indicator stalk.
Going by your comments on button systems, it would appear that you haven't tried the newer BMW version. The steering wheel button system on my F10 is, in my opinion, just about as good as it gets and I can assure you that there is absolutely no delay whatsoever. You just arm the system with a press on the bottom button when you start off and thereafter a quick up flick on the speed adjust tab instantly activates the cruise at that particular point.