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Originally Posted by aljlin View Post
Only Coupes (in the US at least) come standard with fold down seats.
Sedans do not come standard with fold down seats, it is a 475 dollar option or a part of the cold weather package.

And no the cup holders do suck... My friend was driving my car in Europe, and we had 2 bottles of coke in the two front seat cupholders and he accelerated to go around a car, and lo and behold BOTH bottles come flying at my head because it couldn't stay in the holder.... Thankfully they were both sealed, and I was dry, but it was a reminder that the cup holders suck... Both of us knew about the cupholder situation and laughed about it afterwards. It's ok, I knew about it ahead of time, and just something to adjust to.
WOW that is ridiculous about the fold down seats. There is no excuse for that not being standard. As for the cupholders, given they are not very deep but i've never had a problem with them and bonus, they hold a red bull can perfectly.
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