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1) Option to add LSD on the top level non-m 3 series.

2) RFT's are good for handling but bad for everything else, I will say that there should be an option to delete them.

3) Logical cup holders (i know that no one cares about this but I bought a BMW thermos and it still didn't fit in those)

4) In the US; raise the price by $1000 dollars and make leather seats standard, leatherette is subpar, had it in my 3 and didn't like it at all, no way to justify that in a 45K car.

5) Make bluetooth and essentially the entire Premium Package (including leather above) standard, those are items that should be base on a 45K+ car. Sport Package is an enthusiast package and should remain as an option as should the cold weather (for cold climates) and convenience (with the exception of the alarm which should be standard (the car makes no audible noise when closed without alarm - this is pathetic).

6) The base stereo should be more than what BMW did on the 3's for a part of 2010 and 2011, I sat in a Corolla and its' sounded better.