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I like the cruise control stalk...

1. Modern stereo controls! I can't believe this isn't high on others' lists! The LED display is so 1980s, and is near invisible with polarized sunglasses.

The push button controls for stuff like selecting AM or FM, or Random when using the ipod, are tiny and don't even line up properly with the LED function listed above them! You're never sure which button to push! This is crazy!

Then to top it all off, the steering wheel control for selecting the next track on your ipod (and a CD?) makes you push UP! Did BMW ever notice that nothing else works this way?! Like on an iPod? Where the tracks are always listed in descending order? Or on a CD or album cover? Or on the grocery list you scrawl on a scrap of paper? I know Arabs write from right to left; do Germans write from bottom to top?!

I'm begging, please someone explain this stuff to me!

2. Stop forcing buyers into RFTs. At least offer regular tires as an option. Give us a tire repair kit instead of a spare and jack, if weight and trunk space are the concern.

3. More interior cargo space/options.