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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
In the current market the BMW 3er Touring E91 in the USA is being buried by the rapid sales of the new X3.
In the US if there is a similar SAV alongside the Touring they take the SAV. In a way it is a win-win situation.
And it is not just BMW. Audi are experiencing similiar issues between the Q5 and A4 Avant. Mercedes-Benz has breathing space for it's E-Klasse Wagon but wait till the ML-Klasse arrives later this year and watch the Wagon market diminsh.
BMW was first , Volvo was second. But other European manufacturers will be pulling out of the wagon market soon enough.
If one manufacturer can avoid the lemming-like rush to SUVs and continue to offer a wagon (or bring it back), that manufacturer will have the market for a sporty wagon to itself.