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I work as a Doctor, owning a 320 d My11 and the upcoming 3 series-F30 is a much awaited /preferred option for millions of other professionals like myself. People all over the world like the 3 series and expects the next generation 3 series to beat all the pars of competition with the Merc ,jaguar and Audi who are releasing an A3 sedan. I would suggest BMW not to look like a Lancer the shark nose is good but it is all or never situation and a risk which could be disastrous. Bold Blue angel eyes.

Looks of the car do matter ultimately. If this fails, God save the 60% sales section of the BMW Company. Competition is stiff and the look of the BMW can be enhanced with a bigger, bolder and aggressive look. This is something which I like in the X6 and the X5 but lacks in the 7 series –both front and back (as it looks boring).

The new 5 series is nice but better looking is the front of the Granturismo 5 series .The rear is exceptional and a very good move by the company to change that ordinary car looks. People perceive the 6 series to be very different but in an odd way.

Increase in overall room in the rear should be a focus for BMW 3 series to help families choose a BMW over a Toyota or any other reliable car. Another factor is Leg room, Smooth ride, and most important of all intense noise reduction.

As a prestige issue and a major advancement, people prefer rich quieter interiors. The current diesel models across most BMWs are still audible and this makes the journey tiresome. As many around may know an increase in noise exacerbates tiredness. Diesel engines need to be quietened down across BMW.

BMW every 10 years come out with a good model. Some are really successful and some fail. Why this is important for the 3 series is because this is a people’s choice car. It is all well and good for getting a 7 series which not many of us could afford.
I am not even sure if BMW Company would be reading this but would seriously need to reconsider releasing the car this year in Geneva and rush things. (ULTIMATE FAMILY CAR)

Fuel efficiency, Angel Blue corona eyes, BMW 3 series should have options for an aging population looking aggressive and still ride through pot holes with minimal impact for the riding passenger. No McPherson struts as in any other car.

IT should be called SSR -Smooth Spine Ride reducing back problems etc. People should be able to drive for 8 hours straight with not wanting to stretch their backs.
Cruise control, Navigation , Ipod /Aux,Neon/Blue Corona should be standard .

I believe the new car is getting a new gear that looks similar to the 5 series and all above. Which is good but not something to be proud of?

A Bmw survey from BMW’s upcoming 3 series which would need more suggestions are required for this. People who will want BMW to proceed as the best car in the world like myself.

But until then all the Best, BMW.