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Scott - u keep posting this photo ... i gotta say i really hope the lower grille on the prodution car does not look like the photoshop. gets back to the whole shark-face thing. can u shine any light on that?

also what happened to the info about the turn signals being placed under the headlights a-la new 6er? i dont see that here ...

also, y no new hood lines like the rest of the F-chassis (they clearly tried to place tape here)? ... just looks like the LCI with wider grills (its kinda lame)
It is not as proportionate as the artist Jon Sibal was working on my posted discription of the design. And to give him credit, from my description he rendered a very close-to-the-final design of the car.
My description was based on my early viewing of the car a couple of years back from memory.

The turn signals under the headlights will be available exclusively on the Coupe and Cabrio models.
Step 1.