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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
ya they also dont incorporate the sqaured angel eyes, and the lines where the headlights meet the grill are totally backwards from the F-chassis so that cant be right ... i mean how did they actually get the stuff wrong that we can currently see in spyshots? haha seriously
Ok, now I'm not shooting you down or anything of the sort, commradery means something to me, BUT:

Corporations of BMW's size who DEPEND on trends..furthermore who depend on SETTING trends in a certain market (luxury automobiles).. tend to "fool" or "deceive" any audience who might tip their competitors off. We...the first most interested audience, will search a picture over for even the most minute details, such as minuscule lines and how the headlights meet the grills etc.

BMW knows this. They are a professional corporations worth billions, and those billions they use to keep ahead of the pack (MB, Audi, Cadillac). Part of keeping ahead means keeping secrets, no doubt about it. BMW designs award winning, "JOY" filled luxury cars....but do keep in mind, to create a ground breaking luxury automobile you must keep private the things you intend to release. As such, (take my word) BMW uses bolt-on/non-production parts to "deceive" our enthusiast audience so their competitors do not get early hints on BMW's 2012/13/14 design aspects. I'm an -un named- corporate executive in the auto industry, but my telling you this shouldn't surprise most of you who have seen previous "leaked" (not so much) photos of pre productions cars. It is obvious that BMW alters the test mules externally, look at ANY PAST BMW VEHICLES during early/mid test phase and you will see my point proven. BMW, as a rule, does not solidify their post-production model until they have VIEWER INFLUENCE from their beta they call it, or as we call it the "concept."

Have no doubt what you see in these renders is close. For example, I can confirm the grills will be as seen here, but not the headlights. The rear is off, but it WILL be slanted towards the car's fore end (the tail pipes sit low, the Mtech rear was a surprise, obviously the artist's imagination; and the headlights look NOTHING like the beta version's does now.) Does it appear MB like, or as one mentioned, Audi A4 like? Yes, it does. Does this mean we are copying them? NO. It means a trend is being followed and the corp is capitalizing on it, don't hate. I might also mention that the side skirt design is a little off (near production, a little less aggressive than M has in mind) , and that the side blinkers are near spot on. I dislike the chrome but..I'm not the boss.

Rest assured, this is ~75% accurate. The other ~25% will be put in stone AFTER the "concept," or as we say "beta" version is on display.