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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
This one holds my T1i with the 10-22mm attached, the 55-250mm, the 50mm, the 35mm, and the extension tube all in the camera section. The FZ18 is in the upper section. I supposed a big lens like a 70-200mm would be a tight fit anywhere in this bag.
yeah, i try to carry my 2 monsters, (70-200 and 100-400) and i can usually stack them, but now that i have the 135, i'm starting to feel a little cramped. Lately i've been debating selling the 100-400, but i know i would miss it a lot if it did. so maybe it will just get sidelined and packed in the suitcase from now on, and used when i know i'll need it. Day to day shooting, it doesn't have much use.

Especially when the 70-200 mounted on a crop body basically shoots the same distance as the 100-400 on the full frame (about a 50mm difference) (and yes, i realize one is a crop and the other is full, so logically with the same lens, they would be a similar crop if i cropped the full frame....)

Decisions decisions.