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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
With all this bag talk... is it just me, or does anyone else feel it's excessive to carry a 20+ lbs of camera equipment on your back for an informal shoot (whether it's hiking, on a tour, etc)?

I feel like anything more than a body and two lenses is overkill and annoying to carry around (to me at least).
I agree with you 100%, however with my traveling and family stuff, I'm usually gone for more then just a walk. I'm sometimes gone for a month at a time, so i like to have my options available.

so if i'm just doing a walk around with a friend, and i know i won't be in a city or something, I'll leave my 100-400 behind an one or 2 others, if i'm going out into nature, I don't have much use for the mid to low range, so i'll take my wide angle and my 100-400 and maybe 1 other. My macro has a tendancy to go with me wherever i go, but i leave it in my house or my parents place or somewhere, i just like to have it near by just in case. But really have no need to carry it on me.

It's pretty incredible how much weight you can shed by just pulling a couple of lenses out.