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Originally Posted by Minimization View Post
Wow, people are really emotional on these boards. These are Germans. They are logical. Based on the naming of the rest of the series, the F30 Coupe/Convertible should be the 4 Series, including M4.

Don't worry, the M3 may live on, as a sedan!

This is long overdue in my opinion. Should we name the 6 Series the 5 Series Coupe instead? If you are going to use alphanumerics nomenclature, make them so that they actually follow a formula. It is bad enough the last two numbers are now nominal displacement and they do not designate body style or drive train type any longer with letters.

I'm sure everyone will welcome the 2 Series since the next 1 Series will be FWD.

Rename the 1 Series M Coupe the M1 while you are at it. Who cares about a sub-par 70s supercar. I don't, because my Sedan will eat it for lunch.
Good post ... you are totally on the right way.

I think the only problem was that this descision comes three 3er generations too late ... the E30 comes only in Sedan (2- and 4-door!), Touring and Convertible forms ... so many forgot that the M3 starts as 2-door sedan.

With the E36 the problems started, because they named the 2-door 3er "Coupe" and created an M3 Coupe ... so that many people think that M3 and coupe are the same ... but this is not the real history.

The only logical descision could be to bring an F30 M Sedan and name this M3 ... and the M3-lable only come back to its origins ... and correct the E36 mistake and name all coupes and convertibles 4er and their M models M4

This is the only alternative to leave all undone ... all other choises (ala 4er M3!) are BS!

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