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Originally Posted by Minimization View Post
Don't worry, the M3 may live on, as a touring!
Fixed. SCOTT's recent comments suggest a touring is likely. A sedan, on the other hand, is not since they are going to push the M3 (or M4 as it may be) Gran Coupe as the 4 door option now. (And yes, I realize that the M5 and M6 Gran Coupe will be allowed to coexist - but apparently BMW does not think that strategy needs to copied for the smaller M cars).

I'm sure everyone will welcome the 2 Series since the next 1 Series will be FWD. Rename the 1 Series M Coupe the M1 while you are at it.
Actually if they go with 2 series, then the 1M will be renamed "M2". M1 wouldn't make sense unless they do a 1 Series hatchback M model or 1 Series FWD M model.
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