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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
BMW is clearly threatened by Audi ... and with all do respect to BMW, they should be. And im 26 and owned 4 BMW's so im not going anywhere but i do love the addition of their a5/s5 and a7.

Anyway, Audi has their finger on the pulse of the industry and theyve made changes that are rational and subtle without ruining a model and brand thats been established as premier for decades

... i hope BMW knows what theyre doing. Just cause someone else made changes successfully doesnt mean you can just "copy and paste" and hope it works for you (BMW).
I had the Audi A5 3.2 quattro before I bought my M3
Trust me, BMW have nothing to worry about
The main reason you buy a BMW, contrary to the whole joy crap, is because it is the ultimate driving machine.
I hated the Audi so much, I sold it after only 6 months, to get the M3 after my first test drive.
I'd recommend BMW copy the interiors of Audis but that's about it.
The reason the A5 sells so well, is because it looks great.
During the time BMW was busy doing it's Bangle crap, Audi had an italian designer who was cranking out pretty shapes.
The engine, transmission, steering on the Audi aren't even in the same ball park as BMW
So why feel threatened by Audi?
Just cuz they make a model for every eventuality possible, doesn't mean we have to copy them.
You don't lead by copying/following.

If you compare the Audi models to the relevant BMW model
I don't think there is any model, that Audi beats BMW in
The closest match, would be the R8/M3, but most people would not consider them direct rivals.
A3>1 series?
A4>3 series (yeah right)
A6>5 series?