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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
right, i agree with u

except not everyone out there buys a car cause they want the ultimate driving machine ... were the minority in the die-hard fanatics category and you bet thats why we love r beemers and like i said, i dont plan on changing

but im simply stating that audi's expanse was done successfully - and because bmw and audi's business models are different, bmw shouldnt think they can get away with copying them to the tee

guarantee there will be a model or two theyll discontinue in 5yrs because they struck out on that target audience
5 GT comes to mind
whatever hapened to car companies doing different things?
you had your porsches/bmws for people who enjoy driving
you had your toyotas etc for people who buy cars as transportation
you had your Mercedes for people who enjoy luxury
and you had your audis for people who couldn't decide between BMW and MB

now everyone is trying to be everything, to everyone
BMW now wants to cater to FWD, people who want an SAV but really wanted an M, people who want huge rear seats, heck even "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is being replaced with JOY. i mean how much more abstract can you get ? why not just call it "HAPPY!"
i pray they don't lose sight of their loyal car loving fans