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Originally Posted by tdizzle
Anyone installed this? I'd like to go with the HFC version, assuming it can pass emissions and not throw codes, but my concern is on performance. The varied consensus on downpipes is catless is the way to go and even high flow cats are still cats and are not really 'bang for your buck' purchases.

My thought was pairing this with a JB4. I'd love to see real world performance gains with the package and what people saw with just one or the other on (that and does it pose any emissions issues).
I had mine installed last Sat(the cAtted one). I'm getting the jb4 over the weekend. So far I seem to hear more vibration in the low rpm and also what seems to be bit of loss in lower end torque. Feels like it takes a bit more effort to get the torque kicked in in comfort mode but not too bad. In sports mode you don't feel it at all and the car does feel like it pulls harder at higher rev... Unfortunately I haven't been able to really test it as the car has been sitting at the dealer for better part of the week due to suspension issue. Is what I'm feeling correct?