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Originally Posted by bcl0328
Originally Posted by Andrew@IND View Post
I was very indifferent to the release of so many models by BMW, but the F36 is stunning!
i see people complain about this issue all the time. i don't see what the big deal is. should they get rid of everything so we all drive a 3 or a 5 series? i like having so many options and choices. variety is the spice of life!

each person is different and has their own tastes. with all these models then i am sure it will attract more people and they can find one that fits them.

i really like the look of the 4-series, but i want 4 doors. i would love to get one of these.
Nevermind variety, although I agree to some extent. I just don't get why people *don't* want BMW to make these cars so they can rake in more dough and put it into R&D.

They can't go on forever and ever just making and selling the 3's and 5's. I mean, I don't see how they could simultaneously compete and innovate with just those models for too long.
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