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I saw it on the Playstation
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I see it this way: with the 328 you're boosting an already boosted engine. You can see where this is going in terms of long term reliability of the car.

With the 335 you can boost if you want to (it's not like you need to), and you have plenty of room for that due to the engine being considerably more relaxed when stock. Maybe you get 335 engine performance with your tune, I will get M3 engine performance with mine. Just saying.
I have been working on modifying cars and designing/developing product including cars in my early days for a decade+.

BMW did not build the N20 and make it so high strung that it barely gets by suriving and lasting. That is not how an engine is engineered. The tune I have added makes 3psi more at WOT. It's really not much more stress. In fact, BMW agrees as they have developed their own PPK that increases power on a stock N20. Dinan is making a tune as well, also backed by a warranty that matches BMW.

Now, it's true. It theoretically could shorten the life of say the turbo, down from 120k miles, shorten it 10-15%(the increase in boost) and now it will only last 100k miles. But fact is, other stock N20's could have the same failure based on city usage, oil change intervals, etc. It could also just be the life of one part vs another as a manufacturing means one just lasted longer than the other. So even if some components like my turbo fail sooner due to my tune, I don't plan on owning this car after 100k anyway.

Have fun with M3 performance on your 335...with your open differential and all the things missing that make up an M-car. I will have my $300 investment in my DD 328 and on weekends or track days get into my real M-car with an LSD and a shitload of power.

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