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      03-16-2014, 06:06 PM   #1
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Arrow We tour: Museum Nicolis - Verona, Italy

Name:  logo_nicolis.jpg
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Museo Nicolis
Via Postumia,
37069 Villafranca di Verona
Verona - Italia

Phone: +39 045 6303289 or +39 045 6304959
E-mail: info@museonicolis.com
Fax: +39 045 7979493


As soon as I pulled up to the museum, I knew I was in for something special. When I walked inside - it was "Love at first sight"(in more ways than one).

You all know, I have been "all over" Germany/Europe - to all the big "must see" car museums. And I will tell you.... THIS place is "special"!! Not just in that the cars they have on display... but they have so many cool things inside museum. Everywhere you look, you find something really, really cool to drool over. Its no wonder they hold corporate meetings and car club events here. It's a great back drop, to hold a meeting or car show here.

The Nicolis Museum is MY KIND of museum! Trust me... you won't be disappointed visiting this museum. They have an eccentric collection of cars and cool "things" from years past. They just do not have cars on display here. Its more of an automotive theme'd museum. But they have dolls and puppets, cameras, car parts, model trains, model cars, military gear, tube radios, cameras, record players, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, toys, early medical tools, and all sorts of other interesting stuff. Your significant other will find this museum just as fascinating as you will! And that's is not an easy task for any car museum to do!

When I walked into the lobby of the museum and saw the Vanderbilt Trophy Cup, I was really surprised to see it. I had read a lot about this trophy cup from the Silver Arrow's days/time period, but this was the first time I had seen it with my own eyes. What a piece of (living)history!! I first remembered reading about this prized cup created by Vanderbuilt and Cartier. In Ferry Porsche's autobiographical book, "We at Porsche". I was totally blown away by seeing this rare cup here in Italy.

Another thing I also found very cool of the museum... is they have their own haus mascot, their dog Tazio! How cool is THAT! I took quite a liking to him.

The museum is in a industrial park area on the outskirts of Verona. For those of you that don't know Verona is home to the story of Romeo and Juliet. I must admit I had never stopped in Verona before. Thats a shame because like I said, I really fell in love with this part of Italy. Ferrari and Lambo Museums are close by(see my European Museum threads for more coverage bellow in my signature)only about an hour or so away. I consider this part of Italy it's motor city heart.

The city of Verona was quite nice too. Its very much a former Roman city, with its Roman Arena, Castle Vecchio and Piazza delle Mazzanti - are just a few places of interest. And the center of the city and former castle is quite nice too. I highly recommend visiting the city and spending some time here. The Mrs. will thank you too.

I'd also like to thank the Museum's staff for being so helpful(and friendly) in planning my visit while in Verona. Many thanks. I know I will be returning to Verona in the future, it's such a charming area with so many hidden treasures. I really enjoyed my stay in the Verona area.

A nice feature on the Museo Nicolis 's website are charming areas near the museum to visit. I can't think of anything better than asking a local where the "nice" charming places are to visit. Especially for the car lover. Well... I really can not say enough nice things about this museum. I really recommend a visit!



Some of the Museum's pictures...
Name:  ff1_n.jpg
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Name:  161720-0c627-73097325-src-u7c336.jpg
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Name:  ff4_n.jpg
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Name:  ff_n.jpg
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Name:  ff_o.jpg
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Name:  fff_n.jpg
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little Tazio! (Freccia)
Name:  Freccia.jpg
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Name:  ff605_n.jpg
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Size:  113.4 KB

Here is a nice video of the museum, it will give you a feel for how special this place is.

(Sorry, this one is in Italian)

and now onto my pictures...
Name:  P1220932.jpg
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Name:  P1220930.jpg
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Name:  P1220928.jpg
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Name:  P1220925.jpg
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Name:  P1220864.jpg
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Name:  P1220865.jpg
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Name:  P1220867.jpg
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Name:  P1220844.jpg
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Name:  P1220854.jpg
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Name:  P1220852.jpg
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Name:  P1220853.jpg
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Thanks for the informative write up.

I will be in Verona in June as part of my European Delivery trip. I will make a point of visiting the museum.

Sad to say it's not a BMW ED - I'm picking up a Mercedes 45AMG - but I am keeping my 135i.
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Epic find, Dack!
Wish I had known earlier before I moved away
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What an incredible place....

Clearly one visit alone wouldn't do it justice
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Great review!

I try to visit the museum on Easter
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Originally Posted by Midwest X6 View Post
What an incredible place....

Clearly one visit alone wouldn't do it justice

+1. I plan on going back for another visit very soon. This is MY KIND of museum!! In every corner you find something really cool to drool over. I very much enjoyed my short stay at the museum.
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      04-07-2014, 05:47 AM   #9
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I found a very nice video on the Nicolis Museum today. It really gives you a feel for how special this place is.

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