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  1. The F30 "iPad" Nav Screen - Bad Idea?
  2. Base Screen vs. Navigation Screen?
  3. Nav only avaliable with the heads up
  4. Australia Dealer Confusion about BMW iPhone Apps
  5. Is BMW apps a factory added option?
  6. Surround View Questions
  7. Bluetooth streaming
  8. Premium Sounds?
  9. BMW iDrive Functionality Canada
  10. F30 Premium Sound Package worth it?
  11. F30 iDrive Display
  12. Enhanced Bluetooth and USB
  13. BMW Assist + Apps, worth it??
  14. Transfer audio files from F10 HD to F30 HD
  15. Nav iDrive vs non-Nav iDrive
  16. iPhone and navigation. Who needs it?!?!
  17. My BMW Remote Mobile App Now Available in Apple iTunes for iOS Devices
  18. Internet in the F30
  19. HK equalizer settings for F30
  20. BMW Apple iPhone Media / BMW APPS Version Snap In Adapters
  21. Android and BMW Apps: possible solution...
  22. 2012 335i Nav system resting itself
  23. h/k upgrade in F30 - any detailed info?
  24. Sport Display
  25. USB port on non-nav 328i does not recognize iPhone 4S
  26. Touch screen nav?
  27. iPod not working
  28. email map location to Navi?
  29. What do you have displayed on iDrive w/o Nav while driving?
  30. Telephone contact list
  31. What does your Nav HUD show?
  32. Does Siri work with the F30's Bluetooth?
  33. BMW Apps.....tech packaged required?
  34. Non-Nav / HiFi System Equalizer ?
  35. Can you stream web radio via bluetooth?
  36. Storing music from CD
  37. audio over bluetooth w/o BMW assist option
  38. new idrive controller
  39. Changing songs from steering wheel
  40. Album Art with USB Flash Drive
  41. Future iPhone Features
  42. Navigation Issues: Wrong freeway sign or lane arrows displayed
  43. Standard blue tooth vs upgraded BT
  44. Pandora?
  45. Voice control
  46. Sat Nav display
  47. Audio System
  48. Brodit ProClip vehicle mounts for F30
  49. don't buy the cradle
  50. DVD playback...
  51. What features don't you get if you don't add Enhanced Bluetooth?
  52. BMW Apps Retrofit?
  53. MP3 on CDs?
  54. Center console screen
  55. Does your Galaxy Nexus Stream Audio to the F30?
  56. F30 on its way, iPhone sync question
  57. Is navigation only software?
  58. Standard iDrive - Hard Drive and other questions
  59. MOG radio and BMW Apps
  60. Erasing sent MyInfo data in Idrive
  61. heads up display not showing my phonebook?
  62. Names instead of numbers with hands-free?
  63. Radio Text - Station, Artist, Track Information
  64. Most integrated/best phone
  65. USB Flash Drive - Max size??
  66. Screen - no signal message
  67. Bluetooth Call Quality
  68. Internal Music Storage Format?
  69. That Apps cradle is a fantastic design.
  70. Retrofit set for f30 cic nav pro
  71. Possible to get without iDrive
  72. iPod Display Question
  73. Ipod Connectivity - No Sound
  74. Iphone4s and 328i Bluetooth
  75. BMW Live Issues
  76. Roundel Letter Writer Trashes BMW Apps
  77. Bluetooth Streaming Audio
  78. Sport display
  79. Volume level Display
  80. New idrive software?
  81. New iDrive Navigation Professional system for F30, ActiveHybrid 3, 5 Series, 7 series
  82. USB in glovebox
  83. Cannot get BT Audio to work
  84. Difference between Bluetooth 6NH and 6NL/6NK
  85. BMW Apps / Enhanced BT & USB
  86. Phone Cradle Owners
  87. HK Premium Audio vs Standard System
  88. 328i 2012, how to make playlist?
  89. What's the difference between Bmw portable navigation pro system & Bmw link(iphone)?
  90. iDrive not reading my USB sticks
  91. Enter navigation destination over email?
  92. 328i, correct iPhone adapter
  93. 3D Navigation?
  94. This nav system is hilarious.
  95. Anyone seen rear view camera on 6.5" screen?
  96. Traffic Bulletins/Info for Canada?
  97. Album Art Work Errors
  98. Issues with ipod playlist
  99. MY2013 Ipod Integration
  100. Summary of all F30 USB / iPod / iPhone audio options
  101. Sat nav volume
  102. Pausing audio annoyance
  103. Is the new navigation idrive comming or not?
  104. Sat Nav arrival time
  105. access to office functionality
  106. Harmon Kardon settings....
  107. Best audio quality from Ipod/USB
  108. Dvd In Motion
  109. Weird echo on radio stations
  110. Street Name On Nav?
  111. No album art with hard drive tunes
  112. iPod does not connect
  113. SIRIUS Satellite Radio Retrofit
  114. iDrive Controller on Cars w/Nav & w/o Nav
  115. BMW Connected Drive Software Update
  116. Non-nav screen
  117. Idrive random reboots
  118. BMW Coding Service Anywhere?
  119. replaygain
  120. Aftermarket Rear Camera
  121. Standard stereo is not good
  122. Copy/Save Music
  123. iPhone with iOS 6 or BMW navigation
  124. Garmin mounting in the F30?
  125. Skipping songs on iPhone (or probably any other medium that you connect)
  126. Hi-Fi vs stock audio system
  127. Anyone built any custom subwoofer boxes for the F30 trunk?
  128. HK/Logic 7 settings. What do you recommend?
  129. Doe E9x phone cradles fit into the F30?
  130. What exactly are "Apps"?
  131. Snap-in phone adapter cradles for non-apple phones
  132. HiFi audio system
  133. Track listing with CD
  134. Changes in the sound system from E90 to F30
  135. USB drive 'can't play file'
  136. Finally! BMW Office (iDrive Email & Text Message) Integration with iPhone on iOS6
  137. Voice control/command standard?
  138. 9 speaker hifi system
  139. Anyone have this little issue?
  140. Upgrade to 8.8" without nav?
  141. Missed calls
  142. EU Audio vs HiFi
  143. Evo 4G LTE USB connection help
  144. Issues sending addresses to Nav from iPhone
  145. As of today, there is no way to use Android phones with BMW apps correct?
  146. Head-Up Display blurry/ghosting picture
  147. Radio delay/echo
  148. What tech features will I get with my UK 320d and pro sat nav package?
  149. 2012 BMW 328i Screens and Tech.
  150. 2012 BMW 328i screens and Tech.
  151. BMW Snap-In Adapter for Apple iPhone w/ Media & BMW Apps
  152. Bad idea to buy the iphone snap in adapter now because iphone 5 is coming
  153. iPod connection: USB vs. combined USB/AUX cable
  154. Entering street names on Nav
  155. Snap In Adapter Issues
  156. Podcast position on idrive
  157. Auto time shift for Sirius
  158. Adding sub and amp to stock 'hifi' system
  159. premium sound? 420 watts or 600?
  160. Sirius Notifications
  161. Harmon Karmon and DVD?
  162. Aftermarket audio
  163. Can u retrofit a Combox Media to a base F30?
  164. HK upgrade speaker covers
  165. F30 Infotainment specification
  166. HK audio retrofit
  167. BMW's 3 and 7 Series to be the first with Nuance's Dragon Drive! Messaging aboard
  168. Album art on hard drive?
  169. november f30 tech upgrade: mean anything w/o tech package?
  170. iPhone integration
  171. Which snap in iPhone adapter do I need?
  172. No BMW Apps with ConnectedDrive
  173. Only aux shows up with y cable
  174. How Many Speakers are in the F30 Sedan with HK
  175. Best EQ Mode?
  176. Sirius Favorites
  177. Obd Port Active / Inactive After Alarm
  178. F30 Audio in Logic 7 HK
  179. USB connection for iPhone
  180. Sound system break in
  181. Enhanced Bluetooth lockups
  182. 2012 328i Sedan and BMW Portable Navigation Pro compatibility
  183. Nav traffic issue?
  184. Telephone tone settings
  185. iPod integration requires technology package?
  186. How do I turn off Album Art display?
  187. Stock Speakers locations and how many?
  188. Which mobile phone to use for full BMW Connected Drive use?
  189. Solid-state HDD vs USB drives
  190. Professional Navigation format
  191. iphone phonebook NOT shown on idrive???
  192. How to update idrive software
  193. BMW Connected Fail Check Code 234-622-291
  194. OEM Y-cable does not work on my F30
  195. DVD volume
  196. Can you play youtube videos from iPhone on iDrive?
  197. non nav + axion..What is this video?
  198. HUD malfunction
  199. Stereo volume issues
  200. Loud thump on subwoofer 335i?
  201. New Pro Navigation
  202. Nav Screen and Radio Turn Off Over Bumps
  203. Just Curious - If You Don't Have HUD, What Does the Steering Wheel Scrollwheel Do?
  204. i-Drive + Android
  205. Upgrading subwoofer in F30 Base Audio
  206. iPod Classic locked up
  207. Incorrect Exit Names
  208. 1-8 Shortcut Keys
  209. Anyone successfully hardwire a garmin portable nav?
  210. Strange Speaker Issue?
  211. Eco information not showing on iPhone 4
  212. Bluetooth Problems During Calls
  213. No split screen on standard iDrive? Someone please confirm.
  214. ConnectedDrive option missing in iDrive menu
  215. Possible to retrofit handsfree bluetooth and usb?
  216. BMW Apps - 6NH - Works?
  217. Anyone hardwire a radar detector on an F30 yet???
  218. Adding TV TUNER to 8.8" NAV/DVD
  219. Professional Navigation System
  220. F30 328i missing bluetooth
  221. Ipod quirks - you guys see them too?
  222. Sat - Artist/Song info NOT avail in Presets?
  223. BMW Apps
  224. Adding Cameras?
  225. Navi Volume Question
  226. Navigaton professional 609
  227. Rear view camera problem
  228. BMW compatible iPhone apps
  229. Retrofit Park Distance Control
  230. Confused!
  231. USB External Hard-drives in the glove compartment USB
  232. iPod Out
  233. Ipod / USB music connection options picture comparison
  234. HK Underseat Woofers Pieces of Crap?
  235. Favorite list on Bluetooth ? Can it de created
  236. Gave up on ipod, switched to usb stick
  237. HK rattling side skirts
  238. Sat nav query
  239. Enable messages in office, driving me crazy
  240. Sound not sexy!
  241. Settings
  242. YCable and Pandora
  243. Minimum Volume?
  244. I Want This So BAD! iDrive "Mirroring"
  245. Green Dot
  246. Ground location for aftermarket amp
  247. HK Sound System: Suggestion for Improvement
  248. Pandora + Album Art + Enhanced BT & USB = sometimes works
  249. weird sound in the gearbox
  250. Subs under seats...