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BitTorrent transfers

Earlier, I suggested that we should use BitTorrent to share the E-Sys and PSdZData files. This should make it easier on shawnsheridan by lessening reliance on an ISP and should make transfers both more reliable and faster.

Attached to this post are four .torrent files representing the four sets of files I was given access to. You should download the files and remove the .pdf extension, then use them with a good BitTorrent client, either uTorrent or qBitTorrent.

I STRONGLY recommend that you use these torrents and DO NOT rely on the http download links you may get from other members. First, it's clumsy to download all the files individually and second I discovered that the http transfers would sometimes not transfer the whole file. It took days to get all the files downloaded correctly. (I have tested the .rars and .exes to ensure they are OK.)

BitTorrent solves both these problems and will reduce the amount of noise in this thread from "please send me links" and "pm sent" replies. Bottom line: if you are technical enough to code your BMW, you should be able to download these files, rename them and input them into a BitTorrent client.

One more point: as a courtesy to others, PLEASE SEED THESE FILES for the duration. I will seed these long enough for them to get some traction, but if it turns out I am alone supplying bandwidth, I will stop seeding them. With enough long-term seeders, downloading these files should be both fast and reliable.
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File Type: pdf PSdZData-48.3.torrent.pdf (37.2 KB, 1510 views)
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File Type: pdf E-Sys-3.22.5.torrent.pdf (17.6 KB, 1017 views)
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