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2012 F30 XM Radio Retrofit

I just did the XM radio retrofit with Bimmertech and my system works great. The cost for the retrofit is ~$287.28 I received my programming cable in less than a week all the way from Poland to California.

Once you receive the cable you will get all the instructions to get started. You get a hold of the programmer through Skype and they give you all the links to download all the software required to connect your PC to the vehicle. Once you download everything the guys from Bimmertech program the car through your computer using TeamViewer and it only takes <30 minutes to get the XM radio installed in your iDrive.

After they are down with all the programming you contact Sirius XM and they will send the test signal to activate the free 1-year trial and you will be all set.

The process takes less <1 hour. I am very satisfied with Bimmertech and I will definitely recommend them to anybody in this forum. You can save almost $400 by doing it with them instead of the BMW dealership.

BimmerTech you guys