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VRSF catless DP


I ordered VRSF catless dp from Mike at Extreme power house on Monday and i received it on Thursday. Mike is great to work with, answered bunch of questions i had and was professional. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to modify their car.

I installed the VRSF catless DP with a help of my friend who has a shop and a lift. Overall it was pretty easy, 1hr job. The hardest part was taking off the stock downpipe as its much wider than the VRSF and not much room there. Once the VRSF DP was installed, we didn't connect the exhaust to it yet and started the car to see how it sounds, OMG, it was pretty damn loud, but nice.. (I wouldn't mind having a electric cutout valve or whatever they are called).

Overall the sound is amazing, its quiet when cruising but once you get on it, its sounds like a race car, i love it. I have M-performance exhaust, so i don't know how it sounds on a stock exhaust, but i would guess it would be similar.

The first time i took it for a a test drive, all sport settings, OMG, i was loosing traction left and right, i definitely felt power increase throughout the RPM range (running JB4 on map 1).