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Holy Sh$t Batman (JB4 and VRSF DP installed)

Thanks to I have a tune and DP on. Got a great deal and would recommend the combo package.

The Jb4 was an easy install for me...I was already familiar from my last car on the components. Only thing that threw me off was, I am using the OBDii connection and the unit does not come with the firmware already installed for that. My steering controls did not function but after a few e-mails with Terry it was an easy fix.

Luckily for me, my neighbor who is a retired mechanic was driving by today when I was about to install the DP and told me to bring it over so we could both do it. Gotta say, it is a bigger job than the posted info says. The transmission hanger is a pain in the ass to get off and it is not even used on the VRSF DP. The job really takes a myriad of tools to get the right angles and so forth. Between all the swivel sockets, pneumatic air gun and screwdrivers he had and the O2 sensor sockets and Etorx sockets I had we did it on ramps--2 hrs--and hardly any BSing. (We'll catch up later)

So.. before the DP...I put the JB4 on a couple days ago and the thing 1. I think it was as strong as my last car, an e90 on map 5 with E30. Intense acceleration. Don't know about anyone else, but this F30 feels stronger than my e90.

I bought the DP mainly for sound and to be able to run Map 2. It did not disappoint. OMG! The burble and pops are insane. My last car also had BMW PPK so I had the burble which I have missed with this car, but it's almost out of control. The thing just pops and pops. Even on comfort mode.

Did a couple runs and the thing just jumps up to speed rapidly--I have yet to determine the difference with the DP--honestly, it was running so fast yesterday on map 1 with stock DP that I could not feel the difference in power today on map 2.

But, the icing on the cake is when accelerating under an overpass, the exhaust note is, as others have said before, an exotic almost race car sound.

And I did notice a pretty noticeable smell..doesn't really bug me, but will note it for anyone wondering down the line.

So, that's my review,
Thanks for reading.
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