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Originally Posted by yoandry
Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
You saw my opinion on the VRSF, I had this question not long ago and could not see the difference in spending more. Some said the ER is ceramic coated but so is the VRSF for the 3.5" pipe. Some said the sound is slightly different between pipes but it is marginal. As far as catted--different animal.
Yeah I'm kind off confused.
What do you mean by different animal on the called. Is it better than carless. Will be worth it.
It sounds like you already made up your mind. I hope you enjoy your purchase regardless, but here is our take:

With our catted dp:
- sound level increase is similar to catless dp but without the added rasp. Sound quality is better with catted.
- you should never get a CEL with our catted dp
- there is no tangible difference in performance vs a high flow 5" 200 cell race catted dp and a 4" catless dp.
- minimal change in emissions / smell compared with the factory dp.
- a 5" 200 cell catalyst can support in excess of 650 hp.
- does not cost 3-4x a catless dp, it's not even $200 more
- Even if you don't buy CG, but American made!

Performance benefits are all enabled due to the 5" converter body which improves flow while also increasing exposed catalyst area and gas residence time. Enjoy your car!