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Originally Posted by Postie6e View Post
I do have the same problem after swapping to the 8.8. The screen seems to be dimmer and has a blueish tint compared to the 6.5. I have full brightness on the display menu and on the left control panel. Seems it lacking brightness at day, but at night is ok. I just got used to it...
I may have figured out the problem with the blue tint. I have an F34 without nav and I've tried both the pre-LCI and LCI screen:

Pre-LCI screen (part no. 9292248):

Name:  DSC_0718.JPG
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LCI screen (part no. 9387453):

Name:  DSC_0719.JPG
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As you can see:
- both screens work ,
- the pre-LCI screen has a blue tint whereas the LCI one doesn't

EDIT: As a side note - my F34 with a 6.5" screen had the DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTION value set to "10.25_1280x480" by default... and the 6.5" screen worked okay . The 8.8" screen also works okay without having to change this setting, so all you really need to change is EXBOX > DISPLAY_VARIANTE -> "breites_display"

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