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Slight Vibration at 43-48mph then again above ~65, peaks at about 85mph

I know there have been other posts on the topic a while back, but I have been unable to find any conclusive answers. Anyway, mine isn't nearly as bad as some other people have posted about (My mirrors are still visible, and the cups in the cupholders don't shake) but I can definitely feel it. The car has brand new dealer installed mounted and balanced tires (CPO).. They are the Conti-SSR Summer Runflats (Yeah, I know, will change them before the winter and will probably go with the Conti- DWS).. So I doubt it's the tires/rims causing the vibration. I don't feel it in the steering. When I press in the clutch at any speed and let the engine go down to idle, there is no change in the vibration. Shift to 4th, 5th, Neutral.. No difference. I will confirm this when the roads calm down a bit more. I have read about someone getting a new driveshaft which solved their issue, but just wondering if anyone else can confirm that this is usually the culprit? The car has until 2020 and 100k with the warranty (About 37k now).


Edit: It starts at around 43mph..

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