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Originally Posted by autopal View Post
How long now have u been driving the 440? What's your impression of the exhaust sound? The C450 exhaust does pop and bang on the overruns, but u have to be in sports mode and searching for it. Otherwise, it's a little droney and unimpressive
The MPPSK definitely makes a difference. Mine was a port installed accessory, so I can't actually compare it to the car without, so I'm basing my opinion on the 435i I previously had.

Most popping happens on closed throttle. As before, it's pretty quiet in Comfort mode, even more so in Eco Pro, but it still has a nice little growl when you floor it in those modes.

The additional power is definitely there in sport mode. If the sport display gauges on the nav screen are accurate, I'm getting torque and HP increases greater than the ones listed in promo material for the kit.

The tin-can flap clatter is still there on startup and idle. It kind of drives me nuts, so I have to convince myself that it's a relative of the sound a Ducati's dry clutch makes.

The JB4 people make a controller for the flaps that plugs into the OBDII port. It may be my next purchase.
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