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Stealth BMW

So I got to work today and saw this parked in front of me (funny angle as the passenger side rear wheel was up on the grass, gangsta style):

Debadged so can you guess what it is yet?

Nope, youíre wrong, itís actually......drum roll... M3 - the badge on the front gave it away .
Hats off to the owner as they obviously wanted a Q-car and went to great lengths to achieve this including:
Swapping out the quad exhausts for a single smaller diameter one on one side, changed the rear diffuser diffuser, changed the front bumper to a standard one, changed the front bonnet for a standard one with no bulge, changed the wing mirrors to standard ones...etc etc.
The amount of work done by the owner to dupe people into thinking itís a lowly 318i is astounding - overall I think theyíve disguised the potent 460hp under the bonnet extremely well donít you?
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