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Originally Posted by ashpal19 View Post
The dealer contacted Continental. This is what the dealer said -

"There is no mileage warranty on the original equipment tires. However they still offered you a goodwill credit on the two rear tires of $174.60 towards the replacement tires. that makes your out of pocket $410.04 for the 2 rear tires."

Does that sound correct?
yeah, that's what i'm referring to. they give you a credit for the additional mileage that you "should" have gotten from your original tires. that's about as good as it gets. from my understanding, even the oem warranty won't replace tires for free just because they are worn.

but i agree with the other posters. if you can find cheaper elsewhere then get them to match it.
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As long as 3-pedals are an option, I will exercise my right to suffer the handicap and indignity of slower shifts and reaction times.