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Adding wireless charging.

So I got myself a new phone with wireless charging. I saw this thread an decided to do something similar.

I already had the extended storage so it wasn't as difficult to whip it out and add a Nokia DT-900. This is ideal because it is already 12v. I placed it horizontally so that it would charge no matter where the phone was in the holder. It has 3 inductive coils so has a greater chance of instigating the charge.

Unlike the the linked post I just left the unit in its case and just used strong double sided tape to hold it in place.

Being a smart arse I decided to place an charge status LED so I could see it was actually charging. I used a bright SM LED and change the resistor on the circuit board to a 150 Ohm and drilled a small hole on the side of the unit on the inside of the storage. I placed the lens that is inside the DT-900 so make it a bit more obvious.

I also hard wired the power cable to the wireless charger, this is not really necessary, the supplied cable is long enough I think.

Instead of the complicated removal of any of the centre console I just tapped into the 12v socket under the passenger glove box with a couple of scotch locks (Red is +, brown is ground) . It's only 2 screws to remove the panel.

If you ignore adding the LED this is a super easy mod to do. It's taken me longer to write this post than to actually do.

Poor vid, but you get the idea, and can see the LED status indictor

Appreciate 5