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How to keep using expired E-Sys Launcher Premium by reverting system date (hack)

Tokenmaster's free E-Sys Launcher Premium is a great tool for using E-sys. Unfortunately, the E-sys .est token file that is created by the Launcher is only valid within a limited timeframe. Outside this timeframe, the Launcher won't start properly and you can't do FDL-coding in E-sys anymore. Reverting the system time back to within the timeframe results in an error 'Date manipulation detected', endless loops where it keeps asking for a pin, or even app-crashes.

Until now.....

I wrote a script that rearms/resets the Launcher and predates several important Windows system folders, so that the system time CAN be reverted. This also unlocks the possibility to switch chassis whenever you like, so no need to wait for 3 days anymore. Simply extract the package and run the batch-file with elevated privileges ('as administrator'). The latest package can be found here:!DRFxVTRS!ufLV3tJ5c5JfCpftR4H5nw

Tested in Windows 10/7 on Launcher 2.5.3 and higher. Older versions might also work. No need for Virtual Machines anymore to keep using the Launcher!

Happy coding everyone! Please donate to a charity if you like the software!

Tony Twoclicks

UPDATE 01/03/2019:
Version 2.0.0 is out!
Almost totally rewritten, the first major update with lots of new features:
  • Support for UNC-path execution: the script will now run from anywhere, even network drives.
  • Dynamic resolution of file/folder locations instead of assuming defaults: no more problems with redating relocated folders or non-standard system configurations.
  • E-sys installation files and folders are now redated to prevent C157 "EST file manipulated" error in E-sys.
  • E-sys soft-token path is cleared from E-sys configuration to prevent token errors due to previous installations.
  • Extensive error checking to improve reliability and provide better feedback to the user.
  • User interface colors to reflect Rearm status at a glance.
  • Improved Readme.txt with sections for better readability and overview of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers).
UPDATE 01/01/2019:
Version 1.7.0 "Happy New Year edition" is out! Added support for Launcher 2.8.2.

UPDATE 29/06/2018:
Version 1.6.0 is out! Added support for Launcher 2.8.0.

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