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Originally Posted by Turboprop View Post
Hi i´m new in this forum, i had F30 328i 2013 i live in México and i have de same problem, this is what i find on internet some one called Tim

My noise was when I was driving and I hit a small bump in the road, (drivers side) also if you are stationary and you wiggle the steering left to right, expect a small knock noise when the engine is off, this is normal, when the engine is running the knock should be a lot less than when switched off. I have attached a picture of the nut that you can adjust, the picture is of a latter steering rack, but the adjustment nut is in the same location. If you look at the picture, I have black texta marks around the adjuster, (this later model has a three pin tool for the adjustment) on your year model you need a E20 mm security socket (or try fitting a normal socket over the nut, choose the tightest fitting one, and turn about 1/4 turn clockwise, then test drive, it should be much better, keep turning (1/4 at a time only, and keep testing, once the steering starts getting heavy, then back off a touch. A much easier way to get to the nut is through the engine bay. Take off the air filter cover and release the circle clamp attached to the air filter cover and move to one side, (you will not be able to disconnect it completely, but just enough to get some room) and access the steering nut from inside the engine bay, it is a lot quicker and you don't have to remove all the under the engine covers. as your looking at the engine bay the nut is on your left hand side down near the steering shaft, use a small torch to locate

I have some pics but i can´t upload them
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