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I guess before it was only announced that they weren't updating the car...NOW it's official

Discontinued models for 2020
BMW 3 Series GT
BMW 6 Series GT
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

I guess 6GC --> 8GC

Although I gotta say, I didn't see this until it was posted to jalopnik, and reading there I really don't understood the hate people have for the car. I'll admit there's one angle where the rear might look a bit funny, and of course that's the one they always use, but I think it's overall a great looking car, or I wouldn't have bought one.

Style is subjective, but wow, I didn't think I was in that big of a minority (especially for a crowd that longs for wagons). Maybe it's one of those things that just snowball as something popular to hate on, like nickelback? Or maybe they've just never driven one!

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