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So I removed my Carplay device yesterday as the car had to go into BMW today for a service and I didn't want any issue's with fault codes that wouldn't clear, or anything to stop them from being able to update the service history on the i-drive.

Removing it was simple enough (although refitting the quadlock connector was a pain).

Anyway these arrived today, ready for when I refit the Carplay box.

RHD cars have the USB connector on the left of the trim panel, and LHD cars have it on the right for some reason.

I also ordered both the adaptors that I linked to in a previous post:

The double ended adaptor arrived first, so I test fitted it.

I trimmed a little of the rubber with a blade, so that it would sit in far enough.

It pushes up tight, to where I have trimmed too, which should keep it in place just as it is, but I might add a dab of glue before I fit it to the car (I will be testing the other adaptor cable first, when it arrives).

Appreciate 4