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Spark Plug Change Part/Tool List

I'm putting together a list of everything I will need to do this job, assuming using the Bosch plugs. Different options show below.

Updated in red font what i ordered 4/14/2020

1. Plugs
FCP Euro, Bosch -
FCP Euro, BMW Branded (Bosch) -
Any reason to pay more for the BMW ones?
ECS, Bosch (these still show the "S" on the end of the Part #) -
Kies Recommended -

2. Thin walled socket 14mm spark plug sucket
FCP (not magnetic but has a rubber ring for plug) -
FCP (OEM BMW tool, expensive) -
ECS (says magnetic) -
Turner (says magnetic) -
Kies Recommended (no magnet but has clips) -

3. Torque Wrench - make sure it goes low enough, 23nm +/- 3nm (18 +/- 2 ft lbs)
After an unnecessary amount i research, i went with these:
Torque Wrench -
Device to verify, because i am paranoid and like data -

Note, watch this video regarding the impact of Ujoints on torque specs:

4. 10mm socket, E-18 Torx (external) socket. 3/8 drive, extension, other basic tools. Might need a Ujoin or swivel to use a 3/8 in extension on the plug socket due to the angle of the spark plug hole.
I dont have external torx so i am probably going to order one of these sets:
Ordered these -

5. "One time use" bolts, replace if you want to or feel necessary.
What is the part # for these? Is it 07147270121 or 31106854219?
I ordered a few of both. They are used in multiple places so i figured it doesnt hurt to have them.
I think its the 07# based on another thread, but realOEM is confusing -
Here is the other one -

Other potential spare parts:
When you lift the coils out, the flip up pull will likely break/split, so order 2-3 of these extras. You don't need to buy a new coil!! You can reinstall a broken piece without a problem. Just a pain the next time you need to do the job.
02 Coil Locking mechanism 6x 12131437986 -

Note: Good info and pictures of maintenance manual on this thread:
Note2: Another good bit of info:
Note3: Someone elses DIY (remove spaces for website): http:// b a d b r e a d .com/2013-f30-335i-spark-plug-change-instructions/

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