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Originally Posted by Tpriest7893 View Post
Did you buy a torque wrench and swivel or extension or did you already have one?
In the process of researching and deciding on this right now. Hoping to decide and order tonight. I have plenty of extensions, including ujoints, so that's fine. I also i have a harbor freight torque wrench but i am paranoid about using that to torque the plugs because i just have nightmares about stripping the head lol.

Basically, I cant decide if i want to spent the money to buy a nice digital torque wrench ($100-150), or if i want to get a high rated mechanical one and potentially combine that with a device to measure torque to confirm accuracy. Probably overkill, but again, mostly just my paranoia.

Here's where i am at right now with research:

Mechanical option -
Pair with this if paranoid:

Electric option 1 -

Electric option 2 -

Ill post back when i make a decision. I am just going to invest in something i will use in the future for torque sensitive projects. I torqued spark plugs in my 3000gt with the harbor freight ones, but i was a little less worried in that case. I also cross referenced by 1/4 in and 3/8 in drives lol.

Also, i asked around and it seems some people do not use a Ujoint while others do. The manual specifically states to use a ujoint, see attached photo below. I have read several threads and seen videos where people break the insulator because of not using the Ujoint, so it has some merit. But other people have no issues...
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