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Originally Posted by Baggs805 View Post
Hey everyone,
I am in the market for a new downpipe. I think I am leaning towards a high flow cat instead of catless. Anyone have any good suggestions on the best high flow cats? I heard VRSF is good but I haven't done too much research yet. Thanks!
Just installed my VRSF Catted DP paired with MPE I love the sound especially when in Sport its sounds very refined and just enhanced the MPE, the cold starts were awesome (wife wasn't a fan neighbors either I imagine)

As far as quality go's I can't really say its seems good so far but i've only driven with it for 1k miles (No Check engine light but i'm also tuned with MHD Stage 2+ so i'm sure that helps) I can definitely feel the difference in tq. and whp.

Price wise you cant beat it but then again you get what you paid for but so far I love it, it's probably my favorite mod thus far. I'll post if anything go's wrong for sure.