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Lightbulb Big update on longer term BMW model lineup plans (as of Sep 14, 2022)

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A big update on longer term model lineup plans (as of Sept 14, 2022):

Originally posted in Future BMW model information thread

This is a special update with a long list of future models, and their production locations and dates. The list includes very long term future plans, and as such they are highly speculative. There's no guarantee the listed models will even exist at all. This comes from another active forum participant whose search skills significantly exceed mine. I'm breaking it up by model series/platform, including only those with new information. Note that all F and G models are the current architectures with gas, hybrid or pure electric power, all N models are electric only Neue Klasse. Skipping China specific stuff because who cares.

This list only contains the models that were never mentioned in the future models thread or those with new information.
  • 1/2/X1:
    • F70 1 series hatch, Germany, 7/24-6/30
    • F74 2 series GC, Germany, 11/24-10/30
    • NB0 i1, Germany, 11/27-10/35
    • NB5 iX1, Germany, 7/27-6/35
    • NB8 i2, Germany, 7/28-6/35
  • 3/4/X3/X4
    • G50/G51 3 series sedan and touring, 7/27-12/34, G84 M3 sedan possible within that timeframe.
    • G45/G97 X3, iX3, X3M, Spartanburg, 8/24-10/33.
    • G46 X4 may have been cancelled - not confirmed.
    • NA0/NA1 i3 sedan and touring, Germany, SLP, 11/26-10/34 (SLP starts with one year delay).
    • NA2/NA3 i4 coupe and cabrio, Germany, 7/28-10/36
    • NA5 iX3, Hungary and SLP, 8/25-10/33 (again, SLP starts with a delay of over a year).
    • NA7 iX4, Hungary, 11/26-6/34
  • X5/X6/X7/XM
    • G65/G95 X5, iX5, X5M, Spartanburg, 12/26-7/33
    • G66/G96 X6, iX6, X6M, Spartanburg, 4/28-3/35
    • G67 X7, iX7, Spartanburg, 8/27-11/34
    • G79 iXM, Spartanburg, 12/28-11/35
  • 7/8
    • G75/G76/G77/G93, 8 series coupe, cabrio, GC, M8GC, Germany, 7/26-6/33
    • ND0 i7, Germany, 7/29-6/37

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