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Originally Posted by evanevery View Post
I'm pullin' for BMW! But it shouldn't have taken this long...

Meanwhile, the Model 3 outsold ALL BMW passenger cars combined in the US for the month of August. ...and it shows no signs of slowing down. Tesla is building and shipping 4500-5000 vehicles PER WEEK and they haven't even started shipping them to Europe (next month)!

Model 3 sales account for 36% of ALL BEV and PHEV vehicles sold this year in the US. (BMW 530e is number 9. i3/i8 didn't make the list)...

The thing about Tesla's numbers that make comparisons a bit lopsided is they're trying to catch up to meet pre-orders and a backlog of demand from folks who've been waiting for quite some time. I'll be interested to see how they fare once they're in a steady state and producing/selling based on month to month demand.

I do agree though that the rest of the companies are late to the EV game, but I don't think that will cause them to fall behind to Tesla especially since Tesla plans to (or already has) open source everything.