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Drives: 2013 AH3
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I love my AH3, great mix of performance, style and gas saver, I do 80% city driving and I was getting 24-25MPG with stock tune, but I did a 4.5 hour drive to Santa Barbara last month and I got up to 100mph and 120mph a few times and I was getting 30mpg and on the way back home I got 33mpg but I didnt get up to 120mph as much, now a few days ago I installed a BMS Stage 1 tuner and I am just under a half tank right now and I am getting 28mpg so I am impressed with the results so far since I don't drive slow and most of my driving is city driving, hopefully next month I can control myself when I go to Las Vegas and drive slow and see what kind of mpg I can get, my only complaint from my AH3 is the tires suck, I have been playing with different rpm launches without traction control and the tires keep going up in smoke, might have to buy some sticky tires before I take it to the drag strip, also how many of AH3 were made in 2013 for the US? Seems to be a rare car for the US, I am looking to get another one, I have a Sport but I want to get a M-sport this time
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