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Quick update from me.

Now that the weather is improving, the engine is loosening up (12,000miles) and I am paying more attention to tyre pressure, I am averaging about 34mpg (UK) overall, with high 30's/up to 40 on the motorway, at a steady speed.

My driving is about 50% country roads, 30% motorway and 20% in town.

I drive in Eco Pro most of the time, generally with a light foot, but of course I boot it now and again (and overtaking is an absolute dream).

A recent highlight was a trip to Wales, where I resolved not to look at mpg at all. The car performed brilliantly, laying waste to all before me, with 6 cylinders singing away in the mountains (I say this, even as a former 997 C2S owner).

So, overall, it is now giving me much better mpg than a 335i or similar would have given me and combined with the smoothness of take off etc, the performance, tech credentials etc, I am a happy man.

Just wish it was a bit louder (it's leased, so can't add on a new exhaust).
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