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Originally Posted by dgoldenz View Post
Spyder starts at $97k, gt4 at $100k. Add options and they will be $120-140k easy. 991.1 GT3 in the $105-120k range with warranty until 2024 is a way better value IMO.
No manual though. I see your point though. Best case this drives down the 1st gen GT4 price though.

Originally Posted by SoCal_NSX View Post
"10 seconds faster around the ring than the previous generation GT4"

I'd say they pushed the performance envelope right off the table

Like you said... Take my money!!!

wondering if this torpedos the prices of the 4banger 718's and the 981 GT4....hope so
It might change those prices. But I wonder how many will dump their current GT4 for a car that really has no torque advantage and weighs 60 pounds more? It is 10 seconds faster, but that's a long track and tire tech has improved a lot over the last 4 years.

Originally Posted by cvstar9M3 View Post
I've been lookin at the GT4 for a few months now; even drove one. I'm definitely gonna find a way to drive this before I decide. If the "long gearing" issue is fixed and the car is more an high Rev engine, I'd be sold.
From what I read on the Porsche forums it still has that same long gearing issue. Wonder if they intentionally do it on purpose so it doesn't step on the 911's toes ?

seems like most of the guys on rennlist are waiting or a GT4RS

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