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The Manscaping Thread

All right, in honour of all the other threads created recently about hair, nails and general grooming, this thread has now been created based on a dare.

So who manscapes and what would you like to share?

And in honour of MKSixer, who simply loves to post pics of disturbing images, feel free to post your own pics for his pleasure. I'd only request that they make him throw up a little in his mouth, much like all his medical images do to us.

Kicking it off, I *manscape* in that I clear cut the forest periodically, except for my chest, not sure if that exactly counts as I can't say I make much effort to keep it groomed, just generally wait until it grows back or there is an event where I might need to take my shirt off.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.